Past Guest Speakers

Pastor Nancy Dufresne

nancy dufresne 2015

Nancy Dufresne has been in the ministry for 30 years. She traveled extensively in the United States and abroad with her husband, Dr. Ed Dufresne, until he went to home to be with the Lord. She pastors World Harvest Church in Murrieta, California, and conducts road meetings throughout the world.

She is the president and an instructor in World Harvest Bible Training Center, a full-time Bible School located in Murrieta, California, and is president of Fresh Oil Fellowship, a ministerial organization. Nancy Dufresne is president of Dufresne Ministries and is continuing to fulfill the vision and heavenly assignment that God has placed on this ministry, along with her sons, Stephen and Grant, and her daughter in-law, Morgan.

A respected author, Nancy Dufresne has written numerous books that instruct believers how to live in the victory that belongs to them.

Nancy Dufresne’s ministry is known for simple, clear teaching of God’s Word that helps people live their everyday lives in the victory that Jesus has provided. In addition, there is a strong flow of the gifts of the Spirit in her ministry.

In this new era of the Word and the Spirit, Nancy continues teaching with an emphasis on faith and cooperation with the move of the Spirit.

Pastor Jerry & Darlene Burlie


Pastors Jerry and Darlene Burlie are both graduates of Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, OK. They are ordained ministers through Faith Christian Fellowship International and Rhema Ministerial Association.  Triumphant Faith Center is an affiliate church of Faith Christian Fellowship International. As stated in I Corinthians 12:7-11 there are different gifts given to men by the Holy Spirit.  Verse nine “gifts of healing” as one of the Holy Spirit’s manifestations.  Pastor Darlene has a special anointing to for people with arthritis.  Many people have been completely healed of arthritis and it’s symptoms hands laid on them.  Pastor Jerry Burlie has a special healing endowment from the Lord especially in lists pray after having the area of bones.

Pastor Ricky Edwards

Ricky Edwards is a 1988 graduate of RHEMA Bible Training Center in Broken Arrow. Oklahoma, whose founder was Kenneth E. Hagin. He co-pastors with his wife, Sally Edwards al Family Worship Center in Pawnee, OK. FWC is a Word and Spirit Church teaching the fullness of the Gospel, the “Good News”!

Ricky was born and raised in Pawnee. He and his wife, Sally, also travel through-out the United States ministering in churches as the Lord leads them. In June of 2010 an endowment to minister to people with hearing trouble was given to him by the Head of the church, Lord Jesus. Since June there have been several that were totally deaf instantly able to hear. To God be the glory. Also the Holy Ghost led him to study very closely the teachings of Bro. Hagin on I Corinthians 12:28. The list here is ministry gifts not gifts of the Spirit. Gifts of healings and miracles arebeing demonstrated more and more.

Apostle Mike Keyes

In September 1979, responding to God’s call to full-time ministry, Apostle Mike resigned his position at OCF to attend RHEMA Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In May 1980, he graduated from RHEMA and in September 1980, left the USA for full-time missionary work in the Philippines. Having just enough money to buy a one-way plane ticket to the Philippines, Apostle Mike arrived with only a few dollars in his pocket, his notes and books from Bible School, and the promise of support from only his parents and one small church in Toledo, Ohio. No one was there to meet him when he landed. He didn’t know the language, the customs or anything else. He just knew God had sent him! He made his way south from Manila, and from September 1980 to December 1982, Apostle Mike worked with a Filipino and his ministry, living and working out from Tagbilaran City, on the island of Bohol. He traveled extensively throughout the mountains and coastal towns of the islands of Bohol, Negros, Cebu, Leyte and Mindanao. Many open-air evangelistic crusades were conducted, and thousands were saved and miraculously healed in his simple outdoor meetings.

Reverend Randall Grier


Rev. Randall Grier answered the call of the Lord Jesus to preach the Gospel while on his third escape from prison in May of 1982. The Lord spoke to him in Galveston, Texas and told him that His Spirit would not always strive with a man. Jesus said, “The devil has laid a trap for you. And you are about to walk into it and wind up dead and in hell if you don’t turn your life over to Me today.” Rev. Grier surrendered to the call of God and turned himself in to the authorities. When he went to court, the Lord miraculously delivered him from a life without parole sentence, but he would have to remain in prison for his prior felony convictions.

Rev. Grier was thankful he did not receive life without parole and prayed and studied the Bible continually while in prison. While praying out behind the prison on April 5, 1984, he had a supernatural experience with Jesus. Jesus said, “I am anointing you today to begin to enter into the ministry I have called you to and nations and countries will be changed through this anointing.” That very day, Rev. Grier entered into a powerful anointing to set the captive free. He was told by the prison authorities that he would be released from prison on parole in the month of none. Jesus taught him faith and what to do to get out of prison. He was released from prison on August 27, 1984, by a miracle of God! Subsequently, in July of 1993, he received a Full Pardon from the government. All of his civil and political rights were restored to him as well as the right to own and possess a firearm.The highlight of Rev. Grier’s ministry was when Kenneth E. Hagin (Dad Hagin) sat down beside him, before he moved to heaven, and put his arm around him and talked with him about an hour about the ministry Rev. Grier was called to. Dad Hagin said to him, “Brother Randy, the Lord is endeavoring to move you into a ministry office and a place in the Spirit that you have never stood in before. The Spirit of Seeing and Knowing will come upon you in a great way and you will see and know things supernaturally.” From that day Rev. Grier has had many visions and revelations from the Lord Jesus Christ about the United States, the presidential office, the Supreme Court and the nations of the earth. The Lord has used him to minister to many individuals and churches and bring spiritual insight, spiritual impartations and victory to them. He has preached the Gospel and traveled nationally and internationally for 26 years because the Lord told him to. He is known best for his spirit of humility and his desire to see churches, ministries and Christians grow in Jesus Christ. His ministry brings HOPE to the hopeless, FAITH to the faithless and FREEDOM to those who are bound.

“Rev. Randall Grier met the Lord Jesus Christ while on his third escape from prison. He was miraculously delivered from a life without parole sentence and has a full pardon. He has a prophetic ministry and has had many visions and revelations from the Lord Jesus Christ about the United States, the presidential office, and the nations of the earth. The Lord has used him to minister to many individuals and churches and bring spiritual insight, spiritual impartation, and victory to them. His ministry brings HOPE to the hopeless, FAITH to the faithless and FREEDOM to those who are bound by satan. “

Dr. Marilyn Neubauer


“Dr. Marilyn Neubauer is an authority on the subject of Biblical healing. Not only does she teach with passion, authority and a rich foundation of the Word of God, but Marilyn has exercised her faith in God’s Word to overcome three near-death encounters herself.”

Reverend Ike Akabogu

Reverend Ike Akabogu has a long history with the things of God that began in his teenage years in Nigeria when he got ahold of Brother Kenneth E. Hagin’s book “The Authority of the Believer.” After reading this book, Rev. Ike had a greater revelation of what the power of God working through a believer could do. Rev. Ike knew from that moment he wanted to do great things for God and he had the ammunition to do it.

Armed with the desire to see people free from sickness and disease, Rev. Ike moved to the United States with plans to attend medical school. His plans were redirected when the Lord said, “I did not call you to become a medical doctor; I have endowed you with a healing anointing.” Heeding the voice of the Lord, he moved to Iowa where he met a man by the name of Reverend Jay Eberly who was a guest minister at the church he attended. While Rev. Eberly was speaking, the Spirit of God spoke to Rev. Ike and said, “This is your man of God…follow him.” Shortly after this experience, Rev. Eberly became the pastor of this same church, Spirit of Faith Family Church in Cedar Rapids, IA.

Having been brought up under Pastor Eberly’s ministry, Rev. Ike travels throughout the United States and other nations, bringing the power of God to people with such excitement and faith that leads to remarkable miracles. Rev. Ike also helps believers to properly connect with their pastors, thereby helping them to build a strong local church where the Spirit of God is able to move freely.

Rev. Ike is joined in ministry by his precious wife, Jarilyn, and their four children, Ebube, Amala, Chibike and Arize.

Reverend Joel Siegel

Faith in God’s Word, and continual reliance on the Holy Spirit have been the keys to success in the life and ministry of Rev. Joel Siegel. Raised and educated as a Jew, Joel Siegel had a life-transforming encounter with Christ that brought him true purpose and fullfillment. He is also a preofessional musician and songwriter who has toured internationally. Joel travels in ministry throughout the US and abroad, preaching the Word of God and flowing with the Spirit, ministering to those who hunger and thirst for the power of God.