Weekly Bulletin

The Year of Greater Glory!

“We must follow the Word and the Spirit into abundance for the Spirit has seen the abundance of Heaven”
~Pastor Nancy Dufresne

  • Ministry of Helps – Did you miss the meeting? You can ask for Christyna for a recap or any questions regarding the Church’s Vision and any other details.
  • Read the Bible in 52 Weeks – You may pick up the guide on the foyer table.
  • Testimony & Suggestions Boxes – Want to share your testimony? You may add it to the Testimony Box or if you have a suggestion, comment, or concern? You maywrite it down and add it to the Suggestion Box.
  • Food Bank -Feb. 16th from 3:30-7PM
  • Youth get-together (Teens to Young Adults) – Wed. nights @7PM
  • The Triumphant Church – Thurs. @ 10AM
  • Walking in Love w/ Words of Your Mouth Bible Study – Saturdays @ 9AM
  • Men’s Bible Study – Saturdays @ 10:30AM
  • Need a ride to Living Word Church? Please call 402-721-2068 and leave a message w/ your name, address, and phone# and we’d love to pick you up!